Ms. Mak will cover the following topics with you in October and November:
  1. Microsoft Excel: How can I use it effectively?
  2. Computer Programming: What is that?

Topics of the Day
Class Work
Other Resources
Oct 14, 2010
Excel Basics

How can I...
  • Open a Spreadsheet?
  • Interface?
  • Create and name a worksheet?
  • Find the average?
  • Create a graph?
  • Calculate with a Spreadsheet.
Today's work:

(A) Male Vs Female Comparison
- Compare the number of Female vs Male for the Grade 9 and 10 students in this class separately in a table. Present the data in percentages.
- If you know how to create a Pie Chart, create a pie chart to show your percentage comparison.
- Show your work to Ms. Mak , when you are done.
(I need to know what everyone knows, just do as much as you can. )

(B) Complete: Lesson1Homework.pdf.

Here are the pictures for the work: "Lesson1_Task1.jpg".
An Online Excel Tutorial:
Oct 18, 2010
Review some Excel Basics
Today's Work:

(B) Lesson 1 Assignment: Lesson1Homework.pdf.
Finish last class's work. With the additional requirements:
  • The tables and graphs must be in separate workbook like the above examples.
  • Task 1: The "Average Mark" must be calculated with a function. The graph must have a title. Change the graph into "Column Type".
  • Task 2: Subtotal,, HST (NOT GST), Total and change must be done with an Excel Math operations.
  • Task 3: The Y values must be calculated with an Excel Math operations. The graph must have a title.

Oct 20, 2010
Formatting Excel Spreadsheet
You will need to:
  1. Add a picture to a worksheet in the Lesson 1 Excel file.
  2. Add a text box about the picture.
  3. Add a shape to the worksheet.
  4. Put the picture, the shape and the text box in a group.
  5. Adjust the angles of the text labels of the x-axis labels to 45 degree.
  6. Add color, frame and border to your existing tables.

Oct 25, 2010
Using Excel in my other classes.
(A) Peer assessment: Find your assigned work from your classmate in "A2_PeerAssessment".

(B) You will need to design an Excel spreadsheet and a graph that can be used in a field trip or one of the following subjects: PE., Social Studies, Science or another approved subject.

In one of your worksheet, explain 1) why are you using the spreadsheet in the particular way, and 2) other ways you can use Excel in your class.

Save your Excel spreadsheet as:
[YourName]_[Field Trip Or Your Subject]_A3.xls

Below is a sample spreadsheet:

Oct 27, 2010
Using Excel in my other classes.
The Concept of Functions
1) Complete the "Function" worksheet.

2) Revise Assignment from Oct 25 Class to include functions or operations in ALL your data that have calculations.

Oct 29, 2010
Using Excel to Generate Sequences of Numbers
1) Hand in the third assignment.

2) Assignment 4: Use Excel to answer these Math questions: IT_OCT29_A4.pdf

Nov 2, 2010
Using Excel to Find Your Gain/Loss from Stocks.
Calculate the gain/loss with the data in the "IT9_10_A5_Start.xls" file in your "Assignment" folder.

The "IT9_10_A5_EndNov2.pdf" file in your folder will show you what it should look like when you are done.

Nov 4, 2010
Graphing Stock Exchange data
With your assignment 5 stock data:
1) Change your broker fee to one of the following online brokers found on this page:
2) Add some formating to your stock data to make it easier to read.
3) Create a stock performance graph in a new worksheet with your Assignment 5 stock data.

Your completed assignment should look like this:
4) Hand in your assignment as "YOUR_NAME_a5.xls"

Extension: Create a page for yourself in the class page. Put your Excel assignment files to your page.

Nov 8, 2010
Time Line Project
1) Hand in your Assignment 5 Homework.
2) Assignment 6: Create a timeline. Assignment description:

Extra: Create your own page based on the sample page. (Due Date: Nov 17)

Nov 10, 2010

Same as yesterday's class.

Nov 17, 2010

Same as Yesterday's Class

Nov 19, 2010
Time Line Project
Garage Band
Due Today: Time Line Project + Your Wiki Page

  • Watch the Garage Band Tutorial and create a 1 minute audio clip with Garage Band using three different audio clips. (Due next class.)