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My Excel Work

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Assignment 1: Basic features of Excel:
Assignment 2: Formatting Excel spreadsheets (CORRECTION):
Assignment 3: Using Excel in other classes:
Assignment 4: Using Excel in other classes:
Assignment 5: Finding the gain/loss of a Stock portfolio (CORRECTION): external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSPWAQU281OwGVMPfnhU1Ek_LLt6anXEy5fO-KnGwezTKsHLSOn
Assignment 6: Timeline:

My Other Work

Painting (summer vacation):
Learning Check Ch. 7:
Computer Time line:

Reflection Questions

1) What can I do with the Excel program?
I can input data, graph the information, perform math operations such as average, sum etc., find patterns and make tables
2) How can I use the Excel Program in other classes?
I can graph my marks to see how I am doing in all my classes, track my PE performances and use excel for calculating math problems.
3) Can you use Excel to create a report or a presentation? If you can, how can you do that?
I can create charts and graphs to help my audience visualize the information presented.

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