I'm a Fairy Tail fan :D. I like anime (:

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Reflection Questions:
1) What can I do with the Excel program? I can create graphs, play with stock, and balance my cheques.
2) How can I use the Excel Program in other classes? I can type down the information I need onto the excel, do math, make graphs and chart down my timings in math, and gym. I can also solve formulas using excel.
3) Can you use Excel to create a report or a presentation? If you can, how can you do that? To create a project with excel I can make graphs, tables, and post pictures onto excel to show the more visual part of a project.

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The Timeline Project: (Not done yet)

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I like maplestory and this song is pretty good :P.
Son Dambi - Badboy

For people who like nigahiga :D
How to be Emo.