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My Excel Work:

Assignment 1+ 2: Basic Features of Excel - (Correction)
Example of Functions in Excel -
Assignment 3: Using Excel in Other Courses -
Assignment 4: Using Excel to Process Math Sequences -
Assignment 5: Finding the gain/loss of a Stock portfolio - (Correct)
Assignment 6: Timeline -

Reflection Question:

1) What can I do with the Excel program? I can do...
I can use Excel program to make formulas and for math problems. I can also use it to record stocks.
2) How can i use the Excel Program in other classes?
I can use it to record and organize data like in accounting.
3) Can you use Excel to create a report or a presentation? If you can, how can you do that?
Yes I can. I can create a timeline for social studies. I can also use it to calculate math equations.

My Other Work:

My Summer Vacation:

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