Matthew Jenkins' Excel Assignments


Assignment 1: (CORRECTION) Basic Features of Excel -
Assignment 3: (CORRECTION) Using Excel in Other Courses -
Assignment 4: Using Excel to Process Math Equations -
Assignment 5: Finding the Gain/Loss of a Stock Portfolio -
Assignment 6: Timeline -

Reflection Questions:

1)What can I do with the Excel program?
I can use it to do math equations or make graphs for class and charts.

2)How can I use the Excel Program in other classes?
I can use it to make graphs for math or make tables for when doing labs in science.

3)Can you use Excel to create a report or a presentation? If you can, how can you do that?
You can make many pictures to make it more visually appealing and you can add some nice arrows to show where to look.

Other Work:

The Timeline Project:

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