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01Start1.jpg 01Start3.jpg(2 Marks for Making your page look nice with nice pictures.)

My Excel Work:

(1 Marks for each assignment. Bonus marks will be awarded if you make corrections in your assignments. Specify it like I did in Assignment 1 if you post your corrected assignment. )

Assignment 1, 2: (CORRECTION) Basic Features of Excel -

Examples of Functions in Excel:
Assignment 3: Using Excel in Other Courses -

Assignment 4: Using Excel to Process Math Sequences: (Not Available )

Assignment 5: Finding the gain/loss of a Stock portfolio: (Not Available )

Assignment 6: Timeline: (Not Available )

Reflection Questions: (2 Marks for answering each question on your page.)
1) What can I do with the Excel program? I can do...
2) How can I use the Excel Program in other classes?
3) Can you use Excel to create a report or a presentation? If you can, how can you do that?

My Other Work (2 Marks for the section)

The Timeline Project:

My Links (2 Marks for this section)

Stock Market in Plain English
Victory Card

My Widget (2 Marks for this section)

Wiki in Plain English: