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My Excel Work.

Assignment 1. Tomer Store:

Assignment 2. Class Percent/Arithmetic Sequence/Graph.

Assignment 3. Broker Online.

Assignment 4. TimeLine Project.


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Q1.What Can I Do With Excel Program?
A1.Excel Is A Program Wich You Use To Create Graphs And All Sorts Of Stuff.
Q2.How Can I Use The Excel Program In Other Classes?
A2.It's Real Simple For Example Let's Say You Have A Math Graph Or Science All You Need To Do Is Gather All Your Info And Put It In The Bar Graph.
Q3.Can You Use Excel To Create A Brochure Or A Report? If You Can? How Do You Do That?
A3.Well Excel is Not Really For A Report Unless Its Like A Bar Graph Report Or Y & X Grid .Brochure Won't Work With Excel That Well. If Your Going To Make A Brochure Or A Report Best Recommendation Is Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, KeyNote And Pages.

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